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I desire to express in my songs all that I have found lovely, bittersweet, ugly, desperate, burdened, riveting, inscrutable, and all too human in my time. “Kleinkunst” (small or intimate art) and “Kabarett” (cabaret) are my favorite mediums. Although performing in larger halls with an ensemble or a big band is thrilling, the larger the space, the less I feel the audience. My audience is a part of what identifies me as a singer. I like to think that as a chanteuse, one is not so much before an audience as in it, exchanging experiences, emotions, laughter and “Blickgeplänkel” (eye play). This is what it’s all about for me. I hope that when people leave my shows, they’ll go make love, plans, or chocolate mousse.


These are my insights into the art of stagecraft, gleaned from over 18 years as a professional performer and many more as a woman, girl, wife, lover, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, colleague and friend. Where my life and my muse meet, there is music, dancing and lots and lots of drama. Make your life epic, I tell myself and my students. Make your life a work of art and sing that.

Singers, actors, dancers, poets, performance artists and public speakers: take heart. I welcome the dialogue with all among you who find yourselves in the pages of this blog…

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